Tonight on A Shoegazer’s Diary – It’s that time again! Let’s climb into to the “Way-back” machine for some of my favorite under-rated Indie faves from the past! We’ll be hearing from Wrens, Sebadoh, The Wedding Present, Polvo, Superchunk, Queens of the Stone age, The Soft Boys, Buffalo Tom, Bettie Serveet, Hayden, Heatmiser, The Lilys, Ben Lee and many more! As always your requests are welcome! Live chat is available. Make sure to tune in midnight-2am EST/11pm-1am CST Hope to see you then! – A.M.

Unfortunately there will be no Nibbles at Night tonight. After a long emotional week last week. I came back in town only to become sick. Sinus pressure is no fun and I just wanna curl up in a ball and sleep.  So hopefully Lord willin and the creek don’t rise, I will be back to my normal time and self next week. Sorry all!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Tonight in The Emporium it’s the eclectic mix that is provided by you listeners! I’ll start the show off with a cool little block, so start getting those requests in!

Join us in live chat ( to request or hit me up on Twittter @braije with your request and #thanksemporium and I’ll play it! The doors open at 8pm EDT here on the one and only Switch Radio!

Happy Easter, listeners!  Glad to have you with me for another awesome edition of The Drop!  Only on The Switch Radio.  Only on Sunday nights from 8-10 pm EST.  Tonight I have some new stuff from Reeps One, my favorite beatboxer other than myself!  Also stay tuned for some more hard hitting dubstep, DNB, hip hop, and more!  Also coming to you tonight is the new one from Ces Cru!

If you dig it, hit me up at during the show and we’ll chat!  Come make requests!  Come turn me on to some new tunes!

If I can fist pump to it, I’ll probably play it!

Tune in, or miss out!

Greetings one and all, and welcome to the show notes. Alright Let’s cut to the chase, tonight is ofcourse the Stoner New Year’s and I’ve planned accordingly.

I’ve got a bath of new Ask a Stoners to debut, along with a brand new Dramatic Reading that should fit in just fine with the theme.

There’s no Spotlight comedian tonight, but there will plenty of comedy and, get this some music as well!

And of course we’ll have a good ol game of Cards Against Humanity, so we’ll see yinz at midnight!

Hello Again Everybody! Keeping it short and sweet, tonight I have some kickass rock for you, some alternative, and definitely Guilty Pleasures. So Tune in tonight from 10pm-12Midnight EST, Right After The Stoop with Dubbers, but before The Smoking Lounge with Rasta. Also as always, we’ll be rocking the Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t know what that is, or if ya just want to play hop in to find out how!



The Madness Is Over, Spring is in the air, it’s gorgeous out, and it’s time to BOUNCE like the Easter bunnies that we are yo! Inspired by a show that airs every Monday at 8pm eastern exclusively on, tonight’s theme is all about those tunes that spark memories and make you go back… WAY BACK (like back in the day yo)! So get your metal on then tune into the MIX to get your #POPtastic nostalgia on! It all kicks off at 10pm eastern!!! #thanksemporium

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