I hope everyone had a great weekend! I will have some songs loaded for your listening pleasure, but if you join us in live chat chat.theswitchradio.com you can help shape it to make it that much more eclectic. Let the good times roll! #thanksemporium

Good evening peepz!  Another awesome show lined up for tonight!!
Don’t forget to tune in from 8 to 10 pm EST every Sunday for THE DROP w/ DJShroud!!!!

Tonight we’ve got some old, some new, and all groovy tunes for ya!  I’m totally in the mood for requests tonight too!! Hell, if enough of ya show up I might even show you some of the new beatbox tricks I’ve learned!

Be there or be square, listeners!!!

Good evening all. Well let’s not beat around the bush. We lost an amazing member of the stand up community last week in John Pinette. With that in mind tonight’s show will be entirely composed of Mr. Pinette’s work.

Also the sheer tone difference between Mr. Pinette’s comedy and the action of Cards Against Humanity,in and of it self is comedic in it’s own way.

Anyhow. See yinz at Midnight!

Tonight on The Stoop I will be playing music both old and new. Not sure exactly as I’m working on that at the moment but I will have my R&B/Soul block at some point during the show. So, tune in from 7-10 PM EDT and see what I’ve got up my sleeve. Cheers!


I’m back & bringing the 4 hour show tonight ~ see you @ 8 pm Eastern!

  • Junking out on 80s movies on Netflix kinda put me in a 80s music mood ~ so the first hour or so will be some classic, fun 80s tunes!
  • Did I mention 80s?
  • Peter Gabriel got inducted to the Rock N Roll Hall O Fame ~ let’s have a nice block from him, shall we?
  • Open season on requests, bring them, I’ll play anything but country!
  • Man I heart me some bullet points.
  • So after the 80s, let’s play some RAWR stuff too shall we?    I may or may not have a Disturbed block.  :)
  • First one in Live chat gets their own block as well.
  • Man I was gone a whole month?
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  • Free ^5s for all listeners!
  • Cherry’s on after for a fun, rocky show @ Midnight!

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